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Welcome to My Green Bee Life: Your Path to Natural Wellness

Unlock the incredible potential of some of the world’s most powerful yet often misunderstood plants and herbs through our GBL TV’s free streaming video network and learning center. You’ll have access to a dynamic community of experts and educators who reveal unfiltered information and insights into the life-changing benefits of plant medicine.
Empowering you to discover and understand how cannabis can enhance your lifestyle by bridging the cannabis information gap with the best educational videos, a robust learning center and a curated marketplace.
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Our video streaming service provides accurate and balanced information on plant-based medicine, covering topics from self-care to medicinal applications, to promote well-being and critical thinking, particularly when it comes to formerly intimidating and frequently misconstrued realms of herbs.

Our original programming shatters stereotypes and champions authentic journalism, backed by science, research, and real-life testimonials—a necessity for making informed decisions about plant-based options.
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Welcome to the GBL Learning Center

Join a supportive community of experts and advocates dedicated to providing articles and guides to help you on your journey of exploration. Our Learning Center is always growing with new perspectives and resources on plant-based and alternative solutions. Explore content covering health and beauty, culinary delights, pet care, home and garden, business insights, legal matters, travel experiences, and sustainable living.
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GBL Learning Center

Exploring New Horizons: GBL TV’s Streaming Experience

Delve into a world of thought-provoking content that transcends boundaries and sparks curiosity. Our streaming platform offers a diverse range of engaging shows, debunking myths, and presenting insightful perspectives on holistic well-being, nature's wonders, and sustainable living. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the green realm, GBL TV invites you to discover, learn, and connect with a community passionate about fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us and embracing the essence of a greener, more conscious lifestyle.

GBL TV Originals

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Ready to deepen your connection with the world of green? 🌱 Join the Green Bee Life community and immerse yourself in a hive teeming with wisdom, insights, tips, exclusive perks, wellness, purpose, and beyond! Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or just starting your journey, our newsletter is buzzing with enriching content to inspire, educate, and elevate your experience.

GBL Learning Center

Join our Hive of experts and advocates as they ask, listen, empathize, encourage, and inform you on your wellness journey.
Health & Beauty in the GBL Learning Center

Health & Beauty

Earth's bounties are plentiful and amazing! Mother Nature provided so many potent and nurturing botanicals to help you boost your well-being and elevate your self-care. Discover what plant-based wellness treasures can do for you today!

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Recipes & foodies in the GBL Learning Center

Recipes & Foodies

Cannabis, meet the culinary world! It's easy to fold this versatile plant into your diet — with a dash of know-how and a sprinkle of inspiration. Here, you'll find a generous helping of cannabis-in-the-kitchen guidance.

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Pets in the GBL Learning Center


Yes — even your beloved animals can enjoy the wellness support of cannabis! The key is understanding when to use it, what kind to use, and how to administer it. We've got you covered so you can level up your caregiving.

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Sustainability in the GBL Learning Center


Did you know that hemp is an environmental dynamo? Well, it truly is as a sustainable crop. We'll explore together in this planet-loving selection of articles all of its applications. You'll also reap info on how to lighten your eco footprint with a greener lifestyle.

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Home & garden in the GBL Learning Center

Home & Garden

What you surround yourself with can be just as important as what you put into yourself. If you want to learn tips, tricks, and interesting bits about how to align your environment with your wellness goals, you're in the right place!

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Business & legal in the GBL Learning Center

Business & Legal

The tableaux of cannabis laws form an ever-changing patchwork crazy quilt. It can be confusing, confounding, hard to keep track of and not always just. We're here to help you make sense of it all with comprehensive-yet-concise info that's practical and easy to understand.

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Tourism in the GBL Learning Center


Finding tourism and recreation opportunities that jibe with your cannabis-inclusive lifestyle can be tough. It doesn't have to be so hard. With the content here, you'll be connecting with green-minded people, places, and activities in no time!

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Hemp unveiled in the GBL Learning Center

Hemp Unveiled

Welcome to our enlightening blog series dedicated to all things hemp! Join us as we delve into this versatile and fascinating plant and its incredible array of derived products, uncovering its myriad of uses, benefits, and practical applications.

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A Welcome From Our Founder

Hello and Welcome!

I founded My Green Bee Life to address the urgent need for clarity in emerging legal plant-based products. As a curious consumer seeking reliable information and trustworthy brands, I needed clarification due to unclear federal regulations, inconsistent state rules, and a lack of research and safety standards related to new herb options. This uncertainty in the market jeopardizes consumer awareness, safety, trust, and opportunities.

As a chronic back pain sufferer, desperate to find a natural alternative solution to prescription drugs, I overcame misconceptions about newly legal plant-based remedies and transformed my concerns into action. Join me in exploring my transition from "Just say NO!" to "Just say KNOW!"

Maria Calabrese,
Maria Calabrese
Meet Maria
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